Feature Article from Pamela Haack


As most of you know, as founder of the Dream Academy for Women, I am committed to helping women entrepreneurs speak clearly, communicate effectively and connect with others authentically so that their entrepreneurial journey is filled with joy, meaning and (yes) more money.

I’m also intent on keeping you, as a member of our unlimited possibilities family, in the loop on the latest buzz, and the buzz out there right now has me feeling downright irritated and frustrated. It’s about how women speakers can’t hold their own on the big stages.

Are you kidding me?!

Now, before you get upset with me for saying this (Remember, I’m just the messenger!), take some time to notice what’s happening at the leading business and entrepreneurial conferences right now. You’ll typically find a long line-up of male speakers, yet only one or two female speakers on the stage. In fact, I’ve just signed up to attend a huge entrepreneurs’ conference in a couple of months and the speaker line-up consists of 10-12 men and just one woman.

Of course, I could quote a bunch of statistics and go on about how unfair this is, but I’m not going to do that. Instead (scientific studies aside) I’m sharing with you, in the article below, the results of some sneaky research I’ve done on my own by asking fellow speakers and conference attendees where exactly they think women speakers fall short. You see, we have to honestly face these things if we’re going to implement change and start seeing more women speakers on the big stages.

Check out the article below and remember … even if you don’t speak from a stage, you’re still a speaker. EVERY entrepreneur is a speaker!

Here’s to your unlimited possibilities!


5 Simple Ways that Women Speakers Can Increase Their Impact in the Spotlight

1. Survey Says … Women speakers often talk on and on about their families and children.

Increase Your Impact Solution: Keep personal stories short and relevant to the content of your talk. Family stories should be used to make a point, not as an opportunity to talk about yourself.

2. Survey Says … Women speakers focus too much on “you-can-do-it” and “rah, rah”.

Increase Your Impact Solution: There’s nothing wrong with encouraging people, but too much you-can-do-it without actual strategy is frustrating to audiences. Balance encouragement with specific strategy and how-to tips.

3. Survey Says … Women speakers use too many “pair and share” and small group activities.

Increase Your Impact Solution: Attendees often view small group or partner activities as time-fillers because they’re too often used as such! Implement these kinds of activities sparingly and only when there is a specific reason for doing so.

4. Survey Says … Women speakers sometimes address the audience as if they are children.

Increase Your Impact Solution: Practice voice tonality so that you sound confident, not condescending! Remember that how you say something is often more powerful that what you say.

5. Survey Says … Women speakers sound awkward when they are trying to sell from the stage.

Increase Your Impact Solution: Study up on how to sell from a stage so that you’re comfortable and confident when making an offer. Just make sure you don’t overcompensate by being too sales-y!

Note: Speaking is speaking is speaking. These tips hold true whether your audience consists of hundreds, dozens or one.


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