Feature Article from Pamela Haack


Here are five specific things each of us can put into practice at the next networking event or seminar that we attend. The result will be stronger, meaningful, heart-felt connections every time – guaranteed!

1. Get Quiet:
Inside, that is. When you meet someone new at a busy event (can’t just you hear all those voices and conversations buzzing in the background?), take a deep, centered breath and get quiet on the inside. Silencing your insides helps to bring you into the present moment, and there is NOTHING more powerful that listening to someone when you’re really present.

2. Eyes and Smiles
You know that saying “bright eyed and bushy tailed”? Well, that’s a wonderful way to make someone know that you’re interested and listening. Body language goes a long way … lots further than the words we speak! So practice greeting people with wide-open, interested eyes and a smiling face. I mean, really, what’s nicer than a genuine smile?

3. Compliments, Of Course.
Have you ever had someone randomly mention that they liked your earrings or your haircut or your smile … and that compliment made you feel good throughout the day? Giving sincere compliments is one of the kindest gifts you can give someone, and when you give the gift of a compliment at a networking event or luncheon, it will be both unexpected and remembered. (Make sure it’s sincere, though, false praise is yucky, isn’t it?)

4. Ask … Just Ask.
One of the most basic and powerful things you can do to connect more deeply and authentically with someone is to ask them questions – beyond, “What do you do? or “What is your business?”. Try asking about their greatest challenge or their biggest goal or what they like best about their life or their business. Most people will be surprised (and delighted) that you care enough to ask!

5. Mental Hugs:
No, it’s definitely not appropriate to run around hugging new acquaintances at a networking event, but there’s nothing wrong with giving mental hugs – meeting people with your compassionate energy. That might sound “out there” but it’s true. We’re all made up of energy, after all, so let your good vibes shine through.


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