The Power of Passion in Action

Oh sure … read the average guide book or travel article about Italy and you’ll probably notice the standard list of reasons to pay a visit: beautiful scenery, historic sites, great wine and incredible food. All true.

But after living in Italy for several years, and being immersed in Italian culture, traditions and lifestyle, I know for sure there are deeper reasons than these that hook us on bel’italia – and keep us coming back for more. And the greatest reason of all? The power of passion.

If you look up the word passion in the dictionary, you’ll find something like this:

Strong and barely controllable emotion. An intense desire or enthusiasm for something.

The problem is that although we can read and understand the meaning of the word passion, in today’s society we rarely experience it. “Follow your passion!” has become a cliche – a hollow phrase tossed around at conferences. Even if one does build a business based on “an intense desire”, that enthusiasm often dissipates with the day to day demands of entrepreneurship.

So what does all of this have to do with Italy? EVERYTHING! You see, Italians are so skilled at following what brings them excitement that they instinctively infuse passion into everything around them – their work, their play, their families, their friends. Beyond the spectacular vistas and medieval towns it’s the palpable energy and excitement from Italians themselves that draws millions of visitors each year to take part in the Italian experience. (And as a side note, I think that we women entrepreneurs desperately need to feel just that: energy and excitement – aka: passion.)

That’s actually why I felt so drawn to create The Italy Retreat for Women Business leaders and Entrepreneurs, because I realize that one’s business (that may have started out as “following a passion”) can consume one to the point that the excitement – the aliveness – of life becomes muted.

Spending time with the passion masters of Italy – those who effortlessly celebrate and experience their lives to the fullest – is often a startling realization that our businesses must be crafted to work for us – not the other way around. It’s also an important reminder that often the simplest of things can bring us the greatest joys of our lives.

A glimpse at true passion in action is what attracts us to Italy. That’s the power – the energy – that draws us in and keeps us coming back for more. But why merely observe the Italian power of passion in action? I mean, why not turn observation into implementation?

Putting into practice those life-changing lessons on how to infuse our days with excitement, to craft our businesses in a way that automates our income, and to free up more time to create the passionate lifestyle of our dreams, that’s what it’s all about. Actually, that’s what the Dream Academy for Women is all about.

The power of passion in action – fantastico.