3 Ways to Automate Your Income

When I mention to people that I help women coaches, consultants and experts to automate their income, they usually say something like, “I think I want to do that too … what is it?” Most people love the sound of “income automation” but they’re just not sure what the term means.

Income automation is all about creating, campaigning and attracting customers through processes and systems that are automatic or, in some cases, semi-automatic. The beauty of income automation is that you can duplicate your work and “clone” yourself in many different ways. In fact, you might be out playing a game of golf or canoeing on the lake or watching a movie with your kids while your products are selling, your programs are instructing and your marketing campaigns are, well, campaigning – all on auto-pilot.

Here are 3 of my favorite income-automation products and programs:

  1. Digital products: ebooks, reports and manuals
  2. Audio programs
  3. Video programs

Any of these products/programs can be created ONCE (love that!) and then placed on a website for easy access or even burned onto CDs or DVDs, in the case of audio and video programs.The next step is to create campaigns and customer service plans that are also based on automation and duplication.

Remember, the more you automate and outsource, the more free time you have to design the lifestyle of your dreams! That’s what it’s really all about, right?

For more specifics on creating your Dream Lifestyle Blueprint, click here.

Here’s to your unlimited possibilities!

~ Pamela


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