Shhh … The Big Video Secret

How can it be that the same women who will chat it up like crazy at a networking event, or speak with confidence in front of an audience, will turn and run in fear when someone holds up a video camera? There’s just something about being seen on video (or, more accurately, seeing yourself on video) that strikes terror into the hearts of even the most confident women.

But here’s the deal. Video is here to stay. Not only that, video will increase your online visibility and increase sales in your business. Period. Video converts prospects into buying customers big time, so it’s time to embrace video. But how?

Below you’ll find my best, BIG insider secret on how to get past the fear, feel comfortable and, more importantly, craft a video routine that feels right to you. That’s right – a video routine. Because a one-time video is not enough. (That’s barely scratching the surface.) You must discover your own practice of using video that is do-able and repeatable for YOU.

Here’s the secret. Are you ready? Compensation. Yep, that’s right. The big secret to finding your own fearless video routine is compensation – and here’s how you do it:

  1. List your strengths. Maybe you’re a good speaker or a talented designer or a smart dresser or terrific PowerPoint creator. Write it all down.
  2. Match your strengths to video possibilities. There are countless ways to create great videos today: Direct to camera, screen capture (your computer screen or slideshow), interview, demonstration … let your imagination run wild. If you love graphic design, then a beautiful slideshow video is perfect for you. If you love working with people, then why not create video interviews? If you have an eye for interior decorating, then film snazzy backgrounds in your videos.
  3. Compensate. Here’s where compensation comes in. By creating videos around your natural strengths, you compensate for any fears that are holding you back. If direct to camera is terrifying, then compensate by speaking through a slideshow instead! If you don’t mind speaking direct to camera, but find that you come off a bit dull, compensate with a colorful background or fantastic outfit.

Once you identify your video strengths and use them to compensate for your perceived weaknesses, your video routine will become easier and easier. Before you know it you’ll have your own YouTube channel and we’ll all be watching your video blogs! Remember, consistency is super important, right? So find your video comfort zone and stick with it!

If you’d like to know more about using video to spice up your website homepage and attract more clients, join me for a special, free training on July 28th. Click here to register NOW!


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