The Simplest Productivity System EVER!

Google the word “productivity” and your head might explode. If it doesn’t, you’ll spend so much time perusing productivity systems and organizational tools that you’ll be extremely, well … unproductive. Over the years I’ve tried many “current, best” systems that required me to do things such as:

  • Categorize items on my calendar by day, week and month (turned my calendar into an unreadable mess)
  • Write down my goals each night before going to sleep (that lasted about a week)
  • Organize each day on a special form with lots of lines and text boxes (Grrrrrr)

If you’re like me, you may have also struggled through productivity pitfalls. But then I discovered something amazingly simple, and I’m going to share it with you right now. Ready? Here is it: Divide your day into campaigning and creating. That’s it.

You see, the vast majority of tasks that entrepreneurs must tackle fall into one of those two categories: campaigning or creating. At least they should! In fact, if you’re not either campaigning (implementing your marketing strategy) or creating (developing products or services that you can sell) then you might just be spending a lot of time spinning your wheels.

Seriously, this realization was life-changing for me! I now organize my time by …

  1. Making a priority list of the most important things that I should accomplish today. (Chatting with friends on Facebook should never make the list!)
  2. Labeling each to-do task as either campaigning or creating (Example: Facebook post – campaigning, Cover design for my new CD program – creating)
  3. (Drum roll – this is the most important part!) Devoting my mornings to campaigning tasks and my afternoons to creating tasks.

Actually, point number 3 was the real game-changer for me. It was startling
to realize how much time and brain power I’d been wasting in the past by switching from campaigning tasks to creating tasks. Each requires a very different mind-set, which explains my constant sense of overwhelm and frustration.

If you’re one of the many who also struggles with productivity, you might want to give my simple system a try! It’s all about simplification, don’t you think?

And speaking of simplification, I have a free, downloadable Lifestyle Blueprint you can have instant access to right here: FREE LIFESTYLE BLUEPRINT

Here’s to you unlimited possibilities … and to your productivity!


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