The “I Want More Clients” Conundrum

Picture this. You were supposed to be out the door an hour ago, heading out for a weekend getaway to that quaint little beach house with your significant other. Instead you’re still on the phone with your newest coaching client – repeating much of what you said to the other 2 clients you spoke with earlier today. You knew you’d be cutting it close when you scheduled this call, but there are only so many hours in the day. If only you could clone yourself! Then you’d be out the door in a flash and on your way to relaxing with your toes squished in the sand.

That’s the conundrum of experts everywhere.

Of course you want more clients. I mean, anyone who is a coach, consultant, speaker, trainer or expert wants more clients, right? But when you get them they take up sooooo much of your time! (In fact, I’ll bet if you charge by the hour you could share stories about people taking advantage of your time, as well.)

This is what I call the “I want more clients” conundrum, because those additional clients take up more of your time and there’s only one “you” (and still only 24 hours in each day). So how can you handle all those addition clients that you’re attracting and also have time to live and enjoy  your life? It’s simple: INCOME AUTOMATION!

I love the concept of income automation because it’s all about using systems and tools that allow you to “clone” yourself through products or programs that sell while you sleep – quite literally.

Here’s an example.

I’m co-founder of an organization called Teacher Online Classes. Along with my colleague, I film and record video and audio courses for educators that they then “attend” online. That means that I do the work once – just once – after which my video and audio courses automatically sell and teach while I move along to work on other projects. I still conduct live trainings for educators from time to time, but while I’m doing that my virtual seminars are out there running  24/7. That’s income automation.

Whether you are a coach, consultant, speaker, trainer or expert in a particular area, the idea of income automation can be easily adapted to what you do. If you have certain systems that you recommend to every new client, then instead of explaining them time and time again, include a recording with your “new client package”. If you’re frazzled by all that time you’re spending on the road conducting seminars, then film some of those seminars and sell them on your website.

A fantastic book that will get your mind spinning about income automation possibilities is The 4-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferris. Although some of Tim’s approaches might be a little extreme for you, the concept is the same: Outsource and automate whatever you can – and spend more time with your toes squished in the sand.

For a free copy of my adaptable, income automation LIFESTYLE BLUEPRINT and more details about how you can make time for resting your toes in the sand, or whatever else fills your day with joy, CLICK HERE!




Here’s to your unlimited possibilities! ~ Pamela


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