How to Commit and Persist (5 Big Tips)

lonely … challenged … overwhelmed … frustrated … doubtful

These are words that coaches, consultants, speakers and experts often use to describe how they feel at times on their entrepreneurial journey. (Of course, there are other words they use, but they don’t belong in a G-rated blog.) The journey of entrepreneurs is not just wine and roses. (Well, maybe wine …. )

I’ve read that it takes an average of 2 years of commitment and persistence before most entrepreneurial experts begin to really break through and experience serious results.That means 2 years of feeling challenged, lonely, frustrated, overwhelmed and filled with doubt. That’s 2 years of (let’s just be honest) PAIN! And that’s why most people don’t make it. For many people, the pain of the struggle becomes bigger than their desire for success.

So how do successful entrepreneurs have the drive to commit and persist? (And believe me, NO ONE gets a pass on the pain and the struggle – that comes with the territory.) They have the drive, quite simply, because they choose to. And nothing – nothing – can knock them off course. They’ve made a conscious, heart-felt promise to themselves to commit and persist. And they also protect that decision – that promise – by minimizing any temptations that might creep into their path.

Look, if you want to have a healthy diet, you must make a decision to buy healthy, organic foods and rid your cabinets of crappy, junk foods so that you’re not tempted to give in. And so it goes with commitment and persistence.

In fact, after listening to other experts who have achieved big success, paying close attention to their actions and combining that with what has worked for me, I’ve noticed some commonalities amongst those who choose to commit and persist:

  • Routines: Highly successful coaches, consultants, speakers and experts who commit and persist create productive routines. They structure their day – their life – in a way that encourages productivity. These are people who spend their days creating or campaigning, not wasting hours on their Twitter feed.
  • Systems of Support: Highly successful experts who commit and persist know when to outsource and automate. They make sure that they are not wasting their gifts and talents on tasks that could be better handled by someone else, or set-up to operate automatically.
  • Information Diet: Highly successful people who commit and persist do not allow the news and other sources of negative information to knock them off their game. They understand that negative messages can cause enormous amounts of stress, are detrimental to creativity and are usually out of their sphere of influence anyway.
  • Positive Influencers: Highly successful people who commit and persist surround themselves with like-minded, positive influencers and eliminate dream-stealers from their lives.
  • Coaching: Highly successful people who commit and persist are perpetual learners and know when to ask for help. They understand that learning directly from someone who has been there and done that will often take years off of their learning curve.

Commit and persist. Two little words behind powerful concepts. Guard them well and they will serve you BIG TIME.

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6 thoughts on “How to Commit and Persist (5 Big Tips)

  1. HI Pamela, did you write this for me? It has been a long journey for me but I am at 1.5 years and seeing great light at the end of the tunnel. The hard thing for me now is because I am so tired after literally working 15-18 hours a day 7 days a week for over a year there are times that I feel detached. I am feeling the finish line close and the fruits of my labor are starting to show – so having a business coach for me now has been worth it’s weight in gold. It’s helped me keep the strength for the last stretch! Thanks for this post, it helps to know that others know how I feel.

    • Oh Tammy, you ARE on the home stretch! And entrepreneurs everywhere can relate to that sense of detachment (myself included). The wisdom of my own coach helped spur me on, as well, and when I started to see results it was like stepping through a doorway. Once you get those results, it’s a game-changer. I’m cheering you on!!! (And I REALLY mean that, by the way.)

  2. I stumbled on this (and your other posts) at just the right time. I’m feeling tired and deflated, and finding it hard to energize myself to keep plugging away. I’ll be printing this and attaching it to my vision board. Thanks.

    • Hi Beth .. I’m so glad the post was a help for you! You’re so right that the feelings of being tired and deflated can get the better of you. It’s sooo important to do things that will bring you back up again and keep you energized and focused. I’m cheering you on, as well! The BEST to you! ~ Pamela

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