The Dog Collar Mistake that Coaches, Consultants and Experts Make

Have you ever brought home a puppy? (My husband once went out to get fish food and came back with a bloodhound puppy … but already I digress.)

The thing about puppies (besides the fact that they are irresistibly cute) is that they grow – something you have to consider when buying things, such as, collars or doggie coats. Buy too big and your furry friend will be sliding right out. Buy too small and he’ll only wear it for a week.

So it’s important to go with “adjustable”. Then all you have to do is increase the width of the collar, notch by notch, until Mr. Irresistible graduates to the next size. Of course, you may have to buy a bigger collar as time goes by (bloodhounds grow really big – did I mention that?), but it does reduce the number of collars you’d have to buy if adjustable ones weren’t available.

Yeah, I know. It’s time to link this analogy to coaches, consultants and experts – and the common mistake that they make. It has to do with that adjustable concept, except the business term is a different – it’s “scalable”.

You see, many experts who serve others through talks, seminars, coaching sessions and conferences grow their businesses by doing more and more and more. To serve more people (and make more money) they simply add more speaking engagements and coaching sessions to their calendars. They don’t  “adjust the collar”. Meaning, they’re not creating a scalable business that allows them to serve more people and work less. And that’s a big mistake.

Believe me, I know. I made the same mistake – for years! I stuffed my calendar with speaking engagements and seminars until I dreaded – dreaded – going out on the road. I became mired in misery because I was not scaling my business. Then I finally woke up and smelled the coffee (and discovered the adjustable collar).

Fast forward to today. Now I use systems and tools that allow me to reach more people and work less on a daily basis. For example, I conduct online seminars, create audio and video programs and implement campaigns that market my programs and products 24/7. I start small with each of my products, programs or campaigns, then use “scalable helpers”, such as, virtual assistants, online membership platforms and video to expand my reach.

Plus I teach others how to do the same thing. (Love that!)

So just like that growing puppy and his too tight collar, if your business is hitting its ceiling because there’s no room for adjustment, then it’s definitely time to examine scaling. A few simple adjustments can create astonishing results. Before you know it you’ll be breathing a sigh of relief and enjoying more of the wonderful things that life has to offer. Such as, how-can-they-possibly-be-that-cute puppies.

To know more about automating your income through systems that allow you to work less and enjoy more life, grab a free copy of my DREAM LIFESTYLE BLUEPRINT. (I just love this stuff!)


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