You Know It’s Time to Unplug When …

The challenge to unplug is the challenge of every coach, speaker, expert and information marketer.

There is always another creative thought, another idea, another project, another marketing campaign, another something demanding our attention NOW. Even though we know that it’s important to “unplug” in order to keep moving forward with our oh-so-brilliant ideas – to give our creative juices time to flow – we charge forward into project after project, often at the expense of our relationships, our families and even our health.

Of course there’s a flip side. Successful information entrepreneurs are creative, self-starters who thrive on being busy doing something. We LOVE creating things! But in order to keep doing that, it’s important to carve out time to unplug and rest our racing minds.That means we must recognize the signs that it’s time to unplug!

You know it’s time to unplug when …

  • Your neck, back, arm, hands and/or eyes hurt from working hours, days, weeks (yes, sometimes weeks) at your computer
  • You begin to resent others who are off having fun
  • Your child or spouse is asking, “Why are you always checking your phone while I’m talking to you?”
  • You’re feeling confused, sad, frustrated or overwhelmed for too many minutes/hours each day
  • You’re no longer feeling creative
  • You’re gaining weight, eating poorly and/or feeling tired
  • You’re pushing instead of allowing
  • You’re not being nice to the people around you

Of course there are many other signs that it’s time to unplug … these are just a few. But I’ve decided to keep this post short because it’s time to take my own advice and head to the pool with my husband. Blue skies, pleasant breezes and a good guy – the perfect way to unplug.

Want more information about crafting a lifestyle that incorporates lots of unplugging?



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