Increase Your Income (and Influence) with Leverage

Leveraging … Back-end … Product suite

These are words/phrases that should be a part of the vocabulary of every speaker, coach, trainer, seminar leader and information expert. Are they are part of yours? Most speakers, coaches, trainers and experts would answer that question with a “no”. Well, it’s about time that changed!

Too many hard-working people in our expert industry are leaving gobs of money on the table because they haven’t made the decision (and, yes, it is a decision) to leverage what they do by duplicating their work. In fact, “cloning” oneself in this way has never been easier!

You see, the plight of many coaches, speakers, trainers and experts is that they are caught on the treadmill of one-to-one coaching or they’re conducting so many speaking gigs and training seminars that they’re out on the road more that they’re home. (I know – I’ve been there!)

So what do leveraging, back-end and product suite have to do with it? EVERYTHING! As an expert who shares how-to information with people – as someone who helps others get from point A to point B in some areas of their lives – you should continually be building your suite of products, creating a back-end to your existing programs and using your present work to leverage clients into additional programs/products that you offer.

What might that look like? Here are some ideas:

  • Offer physical products, such as CD or DVD programs, at the back of the room when you present.
  • Offer an audio training that compliments the book you’re selling.
  • Offer a live seminar as an extension of your one-to-one coaching program.
  • Offer a high-level mastery program to those who have completed your coaching series, online tele-summit or live seminar.
  • Offer online audio/video programs that sell 24/7 from your website

If you think it’s too difficult to develop additional product/programs, or that it will take up too much of your time, think again! It’s never been easier than it is NOW to create a suite of products based on your expertise, and it’s never been easier than it is NOW to create a powerful back-end that leverages your message and your income.

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Is Your Bite Too Big?

One of the most important jobs that coaches, speakers, trainers and experts have is to share how-to information with their clients – to help them improve in some area of their businesses and/or their lives. But teaching how-to information can be tricky. Teach only concepts (big bites) and your clients will become frustrated because there is nothing they can actually apply. Teach only action-steps (little bites) and your clients won’t understand why they’re doing what they’re doing.

That’s where frameworks come in.

Providing a clear framework of just-right, bite-sized information for your clients, is one of the best ways to help them learn and synthesize that new information. Break the information down into reasonable chunks and they’ll love you for it! I mean, don’t we all feel so much better when we “get it”?

Here are some simple tips for creating outstanding frameworks through which you can teach your clients information in “bites”:

  • The Name of the Game: Create a name for your framework that reflects the content you’re sharing. Example: The How to Get Oodles of Clients Blueprint, The Make Money in Your Pajamas Formula, The Less Stress System
  • From the Top Down: Give the big picture, then break down into details. The big picture is often the “why” Example: “In this session I’m going to share with you why a list-building strategy is essential to grow your business. Next we’ll go over some specific list-building strategies.”
  • Visual Anchors: Teach your content using a graphic organizer – a kind of “map” – that gives your clients or audience something visual to attach to your words.
  • First, Second, Third: Be sequential. One of the most frustrating things for adult learners (and children, for that matter) is when the person who is sharing information is all over the place. Make sure that your framework is in sequential order.
  • Ready, Set, Action!: The most effective content frameworks include actionable steps or strategies that your clients can put into use immediately. Practice is where learning really takes place, so be sure to encourage your clients to act on the information you’ve shared by showing them exactly what to do next.

Speaking of frameworks, you’ll find a free, downloadable one that I use for virtually all of my programs on my website. The Dream Lifestyle Blueprint

Coaches Who Coach Those Who Coach

Coaches who coach those who coach (say that fast three times) have an amazing job. And a really important one. Our work ultimately involves helping people to get better at helping other people, and creates a positive chain reaction of growth and learning – it has an exponential effect.

Or course, continually learning is essential to all entrepreneurs, but coaches, speakers, trainers and other experts who share how-to information through products, programs and services must be especially diligent about learning. Staying current, innovative and up-to-date with best practices and the newest technology and tools is the key to standing out as a leading expert, and it’s also the way to stay in business today. Stop learning and you stop growing your business. It’s that simple.

That’s why it’s important that coaches have their own coaches, mentors or teachers that they can learn from to hone their skills, multiply their marketing and polish their products and programs. Of course, “coaching the coaches” is today’s terminology. Just a few years ago we called it “training the trainers”. The idea is the same. It’s all about helping our industry of experts to serve their clients in the best way possible, while increasing their influence and their income.

So, here’s a small challenge for you.

  1. List the seminars, workshops, conferences or online programs that you have attended in the past year.
  2. List the business, professional or personal growth how-to books that you’ve read in the past month.

If your list is really short (or nonexistent), start NOW writing a new list. This one should contain the seminars, workshops, conferences or online programs that you WILL attend this year, and the how-to books that you WILL read this month.

Continual, on-going learning is not an option for coaches, speakers, trainers and experts. Today it’s essential. Those whose commit to being perpetual learners are, and will continue to be, the movers and shakers in our industry. They are the leaders, and it’s high time we had more of them.

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