Is Your Bite Too Big?

One of the most important jobs that coaches, speakers, trainers and experts have is to share how-to information with their clients – to help them improve in some area of their businesses and/or their lives. But teaching how-to information can be tricky. Teach only concepts (big bites) and your clients will become frustrated because there is nothing they can actually apply. Teach only action-steps (little bites) and your clients won’t understand why they’re doing what they’re doing.

That’s where frameworks come in.

Providing a clear framework of just-right, bite-sized information for your clients, is one of the best ways to help them learn and synthesize that new information. Break the information down into reasonable chunks and they’ll love you for it! I mean, don’t we all feel so much better when we “get it”?

Here are some simple tips for creating outstanding frameworks through which you can teach your clients information in “bites”:

  • The Name of the Game: Create a name for your framework that reflects the content you’re sharing. Example: The How to Get Oodles of Clients Blueprint, The Make Money in Your Pajamas Formula, The Less Stress System
  • From the Top Down: Give the big picture, then break down into details. The big picture is often the “why” Example: “In this session I’m going to share with you why a list-building strategy is essential to grow your business. Next we’ll go over some specific list-building strategies.”
  • Visual Anchors: Teach your content using a graphic organizer – a kind of “map” – that gives your clients or audience something visual to attach to your words.
  • First, Second, Third: Be sequential. One of the most frustrating things for adult learners (and children, for that matter) is when the person who is sharing information is all over the place. Make sure that your framework is in sequential order.
  • Ready, Set, Action!: The most effective content frameworks include actionable steps or strategies that your clients can put into use immediately. Practice is where learning really takes place, so be sure to encourage your clients to act on the information you’ve shared by showing them exactly what to do next.

Speaking of frameworks, you’ll find a free, downloadable one that I use for virtually all of my programs on my website. The Dream Lifestyle Blueprint


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