Focus … The Absolute Key to More Products and More Sales

Focus is the key to productivity, and being productive for coaches, speakers, trainers and experts (virtually anyone who shares how-to information) is the way to make more money. More programs and information products translates into more income. It’s just that simple.

But focusing isn’t simple. Not one bit.

In fact, ask others in our industry what they struggle with most and their response is often, “Staying focused.” (If they don’t mention focus, it’s probably because they’re too scattered to notice that they’re not focused!)

Focus eludes experts because those who pursue work that involves helping others (such as coaches, speakers, trainers and info-preneurs) are very creative people, and creative people are always finding something else to create!

So what can you do about this pesky, challenging thing we call focus? How can you stay focused long enough to complete your projects and programs, and even longer to market your information products to the world?

There are 3 strategies that I’ve come to use that help me in big ways to stay focused. Look, nothing is magic, ok? But using specific, repeatable strategies is definitely the key.

So here they are … and, yes, they all happen to begin with the letter f:

Strategy #1: Fast

Being indecisive dilutes your focus. Have you ever had a great idea pop into your head and then you waited too long to act on it? It sort of fizzles away, right? Moving fast (speed of implementation) is very important to maintaining focus. Your momentum forward with a new project, combined with your excitement in seeing the project take shape, increases your focus. (An object in motion tends to stay in motion – remember that one?)

Strategy #2: Filter

This strategy is so important that I can’t stress it enough. It’s all about filtering out of the chronic distractions that plague our daily lives.Turn off the television and the radio, stay clear of the news media, designate only certain times of the day for checking your email and limit the time you spend checking and posting on Facebook, Twitter and/or LinkedIn. (Set a timer if you have to.) These are the biggest culprits that steal your focus. Limit or eliminate them and the difference will be astounding.

Strategy #3: Friends

The right kinds of friends can help propel your success, the wrong kinds of friends can kill your focus. In my book, Unlimited Layers, I mention a strategy that I call core-linking. Although I explain core-linking at length in the book, it is based on having the same “core” values and then “linking” with others through the sharing of ideas and positive, supportive energy. Here’s a quote from the book: “Relationships are the key to entrepreneurial power and strength. Specifically, mutually beneficial entrepreneurial relationships.” Surround yourself with the right people and you’ll sharpen your focus.

One last point about these 3 strategies. Note that they are all based in taking specific action. In other words, sitting around and wishing to be more focused is, well, fairly useless.Setting up repeatable focus strategies that become your routine is the real key to establishing and maintaining your focus.

Of course all that translates into more completed projects, which in turn translates into more products, more clients, more sales …. you get the idea.

As always, here’s to your unlimited possibilities! ~ Pamela

To know more about Pamela Haack’s products and programs, and to receive a complimentary copy of the Dream Lifestyle Blueprint for Coaches, Speakers, Trainers and Experts (plus a free video training series) visit:


2 thoughts on “Focus … The Absolute Key to More Products and More Sales

  1. Hi Pamela,
    This posting is perfect for my readers at Getting over Overwhelm! Would you allow me to reprint it on my blog (giving you all the credit, of course)?

    • Hi Monique … Of course, I’d be happy if you’d share with your followers – I think this is such an important topic today, don’t you? (When you re-post if you’ll just include, that would be super.) Best to you! ~Pamela

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