IS Imitation the Sincerest Form of Flattery? from Tammy Hawk-Bridges

I thought this recent article from my friend, Tammy Hawk-Bridges, founder of Social Heavy really hit the nail on the head! With Tammy’s permission, I’ve re-posted her article below. Thanks, Tammy!

Business is really tough these days. Darn tough. There are some folks out there working 3 times as hard for the same amount of business.

These are the times that separate the men from the boys. The really smart folks are going to tighten their game, get a little smarter, and start to innovate. They are not waiting around for the storm to end, they are building a stronger shelter so they can weather it.

You have another group out there, they want a place in the shelter YOU built. These folks attach themselves to successful people, watch their every move, copy their ideas, and sell them at a lower price. You know someone like this I am certain. We all know at least one.

Their knock-off version is however, usually mediocre at best. There is a visual difference between a product that is created with passion and knowledge…. and a product that is created out of sheer greed and desperation.

That is why now more than ever it is crucial to create a brand. Create that wonderful dynamic that makes you who you are. I am not just talking about logos and cool websites – anyone can have that stuff. I am talking about YOU….what is it about you that they can’t copy? What makes people feel compelled to do business with you?

I am sad to tell you that there are many that are satisfied to purchase that mediocre product, so the knock-offs will gain some leverage, be prepared for that. However, there is plenty of business out there for the passionate….for the real thing.

Know who your market is – and who it isn’t, and with your authentic self, serve them well with the gifts you possess and you will rejoice in success I assure you.

I have a challenge for you, define “personal brand”. It isn’t easy. Here is what it means to me, it is my ability to differentiate myself from the crowd with an extreme sense of dedication, integrity, drive and creative passion. It is my continual pursuit of excellence and the appreciation of the clients I serve.

I would love to hear yours. ~ Tammy Hawk-Bridges, Social Heavy


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