Why You Just HAVE to Give it Away

The online marketing game has changed in recent years, and the online marketing game for coaches, speakers, trainers and experts (anyone who helps others with how-to information) has changed dramatically! If you’re operating online today you should be giving it away on a consistent basis. Giving what away? Your expert content, of course.

Here are 3 big reasons:

Number 1: Your potential customers are very distrustful of what – and whom – they find online today. If they don’t know you and trust you, they’re probably not going to buy from you. Sharing bits of your expertise in the form of free content that they can learn from or use is some way helps to build trust. 

Number 2: People today expect that to get lots of free stuff online. That’s just the way it is now. In addition to researching any imaginable topic on google, they also routinely sign up for free stuff – blogs, ezines,teleseminars, videos, etc. If you’re not out there generating and giving away free content, they’re going to go somewhere else for it.

Number 3: When you share your unique perspective in free content you not only build trust with potential customers, but you give them glimpses of your paid programs and products. People need to sample your expertise and your unique perspective in order to know that you and your programs are the right fit for them.

Remember, you’re not giving away the whole “pie” when you share free content in a blog, ezine, article, teleseminar, webinar, etc. You’re just sharing little slices – just enough to sample.

Oh .. and one more important point about your free content that you just HAVE to be putting out there. Be consistent .. be consistent … be consistent. That’s how people find you, that’s how they learn to trust you and that’s how they know if your paid programs and products are the right fit for them.

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6 thoughts on “Why You Just HAVE to Give it Away

  1. Pamela,
    You are brilliant and I love your message. We are all unique and need to “stand out” to make a difference. Thank you for making such a difference by sharing this message!
    Hugs, Jane

  2. Love your positive messages Pamela! It really is about getting that content out there to be more visible to folks so that can learn and feel comfortable with us as business professionals. I know that video has been a tremendous way for me to build that confidence in people wanting to know if I can help them. And I know that each of us have that ‘unique personality’ as you say, so not everyone will flood our gates, but it is those that best connect with us that we want to work with and help.

    So glad you are sharing this message Pamela. Wishing you a wonderfuld day!

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