She Says You’re Expanding Your Expert Empire! [Video]

EXPAND: Make larger or more extensive

EMPIRE: Sphere of activity over which one person has control

My friend really nailed it the other day. I hadn’t seen her in a long time and she asked about my work. When I explained to her that I help coaches, speakers, trainers and experts to use audio, video and the internet to package their work, she said, “Oh, you help people expand their expert empires.” She’s right! That’s exactly what I do.

In fact, there are more opportunities for YOU today than ever before to duplicate your work, multiply your marketing and essentially “clone” yourself through audio and video programs, plus online marketing campaigns that promote your products (and sell them!) 24/7.


List any of your current products, programs, books, talks, seminars or workshops, and then think about how you might duplicate or expand on that product/program by packaging your content in another any.

Perhaps your signature talk could be recorded and turned into an audio CD set or maybe your book could be expanded into an online video training program.The possibilities are endless and, as my friend mentioned, you’ll be expanding your expert empire – gotta love that!


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