Your BEST List Building Approach

Imagine that you walk into a clothing store and the sales clerk immediately gets pushy. “What are you looking for?” Did you see our sales rack? Here are some styles that would look great on you.” Ugh. So annoying.

Now imagine, instead, that you walk into a clothing store and are greeted by a different sales clerk, with an entirely different approach. “Hi, my name is Sally. If there’s something you need, just let me know. I’m happy to help.” Ah … now that would be much better.

Nobody likes being pushed into something – including your potential customers.

We hear a lot about list-building these days, but trying to push people onto your list is a sure-fire way of scaring them off. The real key to building your list of fans, followers and happy customers is to use the invitational approach. The invitational approach means that you invite people to know more about your work through free content that you’ve created, such as a free ezine, report or even a video training series. It’s an approach that allows your potential clients to choose to learn more about you and your work – and it’s very powerful!

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4 thoughts on “Your BEST List Building Approach

  1. Magnificent video tip, Pamela!

    I think all of us ladies (and maybe even the gentlemen) have experienced that awkward and uncomfortable “pushy salesperson” moment in a department store. Yuck.

    The “invitational” approach makes good sense for building your list. It’s a soft, appealing, and non-threatening way to generate leads for your business.

    Thanks for sharing your expertise!

    • Thanks so much, Melanie. You’re right, we’ve all had the uncomfortable experience with that icky, pushy salesperson – definitely not the person we want to model in our marketing!

  2. “Inviting them in” is so much more effective as you say Pamela. I too am not a fan of pushy sales people. Especially when I want to go buy a car! I am always looking to build a raving fan rather than a bored or bothered follower. Your tips are very helpful and appreciate you sharing them with us!

    • Thanks Lynn … I always appreciate your feedback and insights! So true about buying a car – ugh – we’ve all been there, right? Wonderful to know that non-aggressive approaches actually work better today. 🙂

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