Change Your Brain, Change Your Marketing

Have you read some of the current research about our brains, and our ability to shape our own success? It’s mind-blowing! (pun intended)

Essentially, all of us entrepreneurs have the ability to change (and strengthen) our brains in big ways, and actually feel more happy and fulfilled about all aspects of our business – including our marketing – on a consistent basis. Unfortunately, marketing is the one area that most entrepreneurs associate with pain. If that’s you, then you must tap into today’s brain research that proves that this absolutely does not have to be your reality.

I mean, what if you were able to change your brain and change your marketing? Not just the marketing itself, but the way you feel about marketing? Well, here are 3 research-backed ways that you can do exactly that:

  1. Sprinkle your marketing plan with novelty. Novelty stimulates the brain, and makes us feel more “revved up”. What new thing could you add to your ezine? What new strategy could you share with your audience? New and novel are in! Boring and routine are out. Treat yourself and your clients (and potential clients) to novelty!
  2. Challenge makes us feel more vibrant. Don’t just challenge your audience with new ideas, concepts and strategies, challenge yourself, as well. Learning, experimenting and investigating are all avenues for challenge that you can bring into your marketing. So go forth and tackle those new skills (the ones you know you should be mastering) with gusto!
  3. Use your marketing to build connections. You’ve heard that one before – many times – but its importance related to brain health, happiness and fulfillment is astounding! The more quality relationships you form with your family, friends and audience, and the more you share and connect with them, the happier you’ll feel.

Combine those three power tools – novelty, challenge¬† and connections – on a consistent basis in your marketing communications and strategy, and you’ll soon be feeling the joy (yes, the JOY) of marketing in ways you can’t even image! Don’t take my word for it, check out what the brain experts have to say. Here are two of my favorite “readable” books on this topic:

  • Change Your Brain, Change Your Life by Daniel G. Amen
  • Authentic Happiness by Martin Seligman

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this post – be sure to share your comments below, and feel free to share this post (and video) with your friends!

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