Limited Spaces and Only for Highly Motivated Women Leaders

The beauty, light and energy of Tuscany, Italy have been a source of inspiration and creativity since before recorded history, and that hasn’t changed in the 21st century. Artists, writers and innovators flock to central Italy each year to tap into the same well of creativity that influenced the Etruscans, the Romans and the leaders of the great Renaissance.

That’s why I chose to host the Italy Retreat for Women Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs in Tuscany. Sure, it’s gorgeous! I mean, what’s not to love about sweeping, panoramic views, medieval hill towns and endless fields of red poppies? The setting is spectacular, but it’s what’s happening beyond the obvious that creates the magic.

Having lived on the border of Tuscany and Umbria (Tuscany’s “gentler” sister) for 8 years, I’ve come to know the area, the sites and the people quite well. I’ve also experienced the energy – the “magic” – of Tuscany again and again, and I’ve seen the positive, healing, inspirational effect this amazing region has on others.

That’s why the Italy Retreat for Women Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs incorporates the Six Pillars of Leadership in the 21st Century into the daily itinerary. Presence, Perspective, Creativity, Mindset & Strategy, Relationships and Service are an integral part of your experience on the retreat. These pillars act as a “lens” through which you will take in the sights and experiences each day, and provide a “mental map” to tap into the well of energy and creativity of central Italy – just as the great creators and innovators throughout history have.

Of course, that’s just the beginning. Spending this time in Tuscany, surrounded by like-minded, heart-centered women who are stepping up to fully realize their ability to lead and inspire others in a bigger way, is a rare opportunity. Oh sure, there are plenty of conferences, seminars and learning retreats for women, but this is quite different. The daily experiences and excursions in hill towns, historic sites and local villages and vineyards, combined with daily workshops and masterminding sessions is nothing short of extraordinary.

This event is not for everyone. It’s designed for women who are ready to strengthen their confidence, hone their skills & strategies and to lead and inspire their audience, clients, customers and/or students in a big, enthusiastic way. It’s for those women who want to be a part of a movement that will change the world.

To get more information and to join us on the Italy Retreat for Women Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs, click on the yellow button below.


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