How to Grow Your List With Live Online Events (3 Ways!)

By far, the most successful list-building strategy that I’ve used personally, is hosting live, online events (usually free). Through live online events you’re able to share your expertise with attendees so that they know more about you and your work, and you’re also able to build a rapport with your audience and let them know how you can help them in some area of their lives. It’s powerful stuff!

Of course, there are a multitude of ways that you can share content through live events. I prefer teaching “how to” information by sharing tips, strategies or techniques that participants can put into use right away. (Hint: The more “how to” you share, the better!)

You must also choose a modality – an online hosting platform – for conducting your live online event, and that’s what this post and the video (above) are all about.

So let’s get to it. Here are 3 live online event “modalities” that are excellent platforms for building your list:

  1. Teleseminars: Teleseminars are my go-to way to host online events, because they’re super easy to conduct and participants may attend by phone (or via their computers) and listen-in while “being mobile”. In order words, they’re not tethered to their computer in order to hear your content. They might be taking a walk listening through their ear buds or using speakerphone while making dinner – they can listen in from virtually anywhere, and that’s super convenient. Plus, since teleseminars are audio, you can host in your pajamas or sweat pants and no one will ever know!
  2. Webinars: The difference between webinars and teleseminars is that webinars include visuals – usually slides – and some content is just better delivered with visuals. You simply create a PowerPoint presentation (or Keynote on Mac) and then upload your slides to a webinar hosting site. During the webinar, you talk through your content and flip through your slides. Some webinar platforms also allow participants to submit questions or event comment and question in a live-time chat.
  3. Live Stream: Live steaming video is getting more and more popular all the time, because the technology for hosting seminars with this online platform is easier to use then ever before – and getting easier by the minute. A live, streaming video means that your participants can see you in real time (as apposed to a recorded video) and you’re able to interact with them through an online chat. This is the closest thing to an in-person event, and by using this modality you can interact with an audience in real-time all around the world. Exciting, isn’t it?

Where to begin? If you’ve never hosted a live, online event before, I would highly recommend you begin with teleseminars. They’re super easy to conduct – all you have to do is talk into your phone – and they’re a highly effective way to grow your list! Then it’s on to webinars and live streams … and who knows what the future has in store!

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Super Easy Digital Products to Create and Sell

What’s your digital product? You have one, right?

Here’s the thing, if you have a website, but you don’t offer a digital product, you’re missing out on an opportunity to expand your business and attract more clients. Plus, digital products can be super easy to create, and can be delivered instantly upon purchase.

The really good news is that the ability to expand what you offer into the digital realm has never been easier, because the technology today is like nothing we could have imagined even a couple of years ago. It’s just a matter of getting “in the know” and then choosing a modality that’s right for you.

You don’t have to plunge right into the deep end of the digital pool either. You might “wade in” for starters with a simple, low-cost digital product. My first digital product was an ebook version of my book, Unlimited Layers: A Recipe for Turning Your Passions into Profits, and it was soooo easy to create!

Here are 3 easy-to-create products that are ideal for getting your feet wet in the digital pool.

  1. Ebook or e-report: creating an ebook or e-report is as simple as typing up your content in Microsoft Word and then saving the file as a PDF. The next step is to upload the PDF file to a website from which people can purchase and download. Of course, you’ll want to make sure that it looks nice, is edited properly and has an attractive cover design, but basically that’s all there is to it.
  2. Newsletter: If you already send out a free digital newsletter, offering a paid newsletter or report might be an attractive option for you. This means that you’ll offer more valuable content, maybe on a monthly basis, that people pay to receive via email. Again, pretty simple.
  3. Audio Program: I love this one! Creating a digital audio program is as easy as hooking a microphone up to your computer and recording your voice as you talk. You then save the recording as an MP3 file and upload it to a website where your clients can purchase access, listen to the recording and even download the file.

No. Video is not on this list.

I like video products – a lot – and I’ve created my own video-based products that were very successful. But video, although easier than ever before to produce, has a greater learning curve. There are more skills to master and there are more steps involved in producing good video. So I don’t recommend creating a video product right off the bat. Getting your feet wet with other digital products first just makes better sense.

So, are you ready to get your feet wet? Depending on your area of expertise and your audience, an ebook, paid newsletter or audio program might be an ideal starter digital product that is easy for you to create and simple for your clients to purchase and access. Of course, once you have one digital product conquered it will be easier to create more – and to become familiar with other modalities, such as video. And, before you know it, you’ll be attracting and serving more and more clients at the deep end of the digital pool! I’ll see you there!

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Don’t Just Grow Your List, Cultivate It!


We’re hearing a lot today about the importance of growing your list, and we’re hearing a lot about how to grow your list through social media, videos, opt-in pages, etc. But is anyone talking about how to cultivate your list? I meet so many people who are concentrating all their time on building their list, but they’re doing very little with their list!

Cultivating your list means that you develop both a strategy and a routine for keeping in touch with the people on your list, sharing valuable content with them and inviting them to become – and remain – your clients! Plus, the really good news is that technology today is so easy to use that you can cultivate your list via a plethora of avenues – or modalities – even while you’re on the go. How cool is that? You can film a video from your iPhone or iPad from virtually any location or write a blog post or Facebook comment while waiting in the airport lounge (or while flying at 30,000 feet, in some cases).

Of course, you’ll want to promote or campaign products or programs to your list from time to time, but be sure that you’re sharing valuable content – your expert information – on a regular, consistent basis. That’s a huge factor in cultivating your list. Your strategy should combine the sharing of lots of helpful content and a little bit of product promoting  – not the other way around!

So here’s a challenge for you. Take a few moments, and complete the following statement:

I cultivate my list by __________________________________________________________.

When you can complete that statement with a specific modality (or modalities) that you use on a consistent, strategic basis to build relationships, share expert content and invite people on your list to become – or remain – your clients, you’re definitely a “list cultivator”!

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How to Create an Awesome Ezine (or Give Yours a Facelift!)

Would you like to put out an ezine or newsletter for your followers? Or maybe you’d like to update your existing one? Ezines and newsletters are a great way for you to communicate with your audience on a regular, consistent basis and, I must admit, that my own ezine is my hands-down favorite way to keep touch with you!

What’s the difference between an ezine and a newsletter? Well, this could be debated all day, but generally speaking ezines are longer email publications with multiple articles or “elements”, while newsletters are shorter and more singular in their focus, such as a periodic letter/note that keeps people updated. Both are sent out to followers electronically, on a regular basis.

If you’re ready to start your own ezine or newsletter, or give yours a facelift, here are 3 important tips:

  1. Include valuable content. Valuable content is a must, but it must also match your audience and what they feel is valuable. Once you’ve established your “area” of valuable content, it’s a good idea to brainstorm a long list of short topics that lend themselves to being shared in your ezine. In my case, I share video tips that help my follower expand their impact in the marketplace, and inspire their own followers.
  2. Brand it.I mean, this is the fun part, right? Pick your colors, create a nice logo and design a “look” for your ezine that you can live with for a while – and that will make an impression. People will come to associate you with the visual appearance of your message, and the more memorable the better.
  3. Structure your message. This means creating a consistent layout for the content of your ezine. Where will things be placed? Perhaps a note at the beginning and your featured programs below? Maybe an article or tips or a story? The layout of your ezine helps to frame your message and make it easy for your audience to take in the content. In other words, messy ezines create confusion – and we don’t want that!

A well-structured, value based, good-looking ezine will build trust and rapport between you and your audience, can become your go-to modality for staying in touch and is an ideal platform for sharing your expertise with the world!

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You’re Not Dituling Your Purpose, Are You?

Your purpose. Now that’s a phrase that is thrown around a lot today, and that (unfortunately) creates a problem.

The more often we’re exposed to virtually anything repeatedly, the more its impact on us is diluted. In fact, brain research shows that over-exposure to things that initially pleased you, surprised you or sparked your curiosity, causes you to feel less enthused or excited about that thing. For example, over-playing a favorite song can make you never want to hear it again, right?

Well, the sames applies to words or phrases, and that’s what’s happened to the words “your purpose”. We’ve heard the expression used so often that it’s become diluted. And what a shame! Because realizing and (as I like to say) tapping into your purpose is hugely, amazingly, incredibly important both for you and for those you serve. Once you are rooted in your purpose, you have the ability to lead and inspire others in a much bigger way!

But here’s the thing. For many of us, our purpose does not seek us out. It would be nice if it did, but for most of us, sitting around and waiting for our purpose to appear is an endless wait.

The surer way to finding your purpose is to be continually moving forward – perpetual motion, so to speak – always learning, growing, seeking and sharing. And if you’re anything like me (and thousands of other people!) it’s while you are learning, growing, seeking and sharing that your purpose begins to appear. Not a sudden grand entrance, perhaps, but more like a gradual, sure feeling that you’re on the right track – and when you are, that feeling grows stronger and stronger over time.

My purpose, I now know (after a long, long road of discovery) is to help people create products, programs and events that inspire others in a deeper way. That’s why I host a retreat for women business leaders and entrepreneurs in Tuscany. It’s a magical setting, combined with inspirational curriculum, that helps high-motivated women tap more deeply into their purpose, and to become an even greater inspiration for those who follow them. It’s powerful stuff.

So if your purpose is eluding you, stay the course of discovery. You’ll see glimpses of where you should be steering as you move forward, but the key is to keep moving forward – keep learning, growing, seeking and sharing – and watch your purpose become clearer and brighter. Love that!

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3 Steps to High Energy Videos and Greater Results

People often ask me about how they might get more energetic in their videos. It’s easy, really. In fact, there’s a 3-step process that I use routinely – and you can too – to infuse videos, audios, articles and more with unstoppable energy!

You see, pumping up your communications with positive, high-levels of energy is really important – especially in today’s world. There’s a lot of content floating around online that is pulling at your clients – trying to distract them from you and your message. The more energy you exude, the more you’ll hold their attention. Plus, it just makes you (and them) feel better!

So is there a formula for infusing your videos – and other communication modalities – with high energy? Of course, there is. I use it all the time, and it involves 3 easy steps.

Step One:

  1. Clear Your Mind. This means taking action, such as getting up from your computer and moving! Do must something healthy and physical to create space in your mind for positive energy. You might do some yoga or walk around the block, but make sure you physically move. Something else I ALWAYS do before filming a video is drink water – lots of it – and/or have a cup of green tea. Staying hydrated keeps your brain healthy which helps you think “energetically”.
  2. Rehearse. Before you film a video it helps to know what you’re going to say, right? I don’t like using scripts, but I do want to hear what I’m going to say ahead of time. Hear it from me, that is. That’s why I walk around the house (probably with my cup of green tea) talking through my video message. This also helps me get excited about my message, which ramps up my energy level.
  3. Breathe. Just before you film, try breathing deeply several times. This is so important! Breathing helps you get “centered” and to feel more present when you’re shooting. I ALWAYS breathe deeply just before I start talking on camera. Of course, breathing is a great practice throughout you day, but just before filming, to rev up your energy level, it’s a must!

Although I’ve been using the example of video in this article, these 3 steps really apply to any modality you might use to communicate with your audience. Remember, the more authentically energetic and sincere you are in your videos, audios, newsletters and more, the greater your results!

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