3 Steps to High Energy Videos and Greater Results

People often ask me about how they might get more energetic in their videos. It’s easy, really. In fact, there’s a 3-step process that I use routinely – and you can too – to infuse videos, audios, articles and more with unstoppable energy!

You see, pumping up your communications with positive, high-levels of energy is really important – especially in today’s world. There’s a lot of content floating around online that is pulling at your clients – trying to distract them from you and your message. The more energy you exude, the more you’ll hold their attention. Plus, it just makes you (and them) feel better!

So is there a formula for infusing your videos – and other communication modalities – with high energy? Of course, there is. I use it all the time, and it involves 3 easy steps.

Step One:

  1. Clear Your Mind. This means taking action, such as getting up from your computer and moving! Do must something healthy and physical to create space in your mind for positive energy. You might do some yoga or walk around the block, but make sure you physically move. Something else I ALWAYS do before filming a video is drink water – lots of it – and/or have a cup of green tea. Staying hydrated keeps your brain healthy which helps you think “energetically”.
  2. Rehearse. Before you film a video it helps to know what you’re going to say, right? I don’t like using scripts, but I do want to hear what I’m going to say ahead of time. Hear it from me, that is. That’s why I walk around the house (probably with my cup of green tea) talking through my video message. This also helps me get excited about my message, which ramps up my energy level.
  3. Breathe. Just before you film, try breathing deeply several times. This is so important! Breathing helps you get “centered” and to feel more present when you’re shooting. I ALWAYS breathe deeply just before I start talking on camera. Of course, breathing is a great practice throughout you day, but just before filming, to rev up your energy level, it’s a must!

Although I’ve been using the example of video in this article, these 3 steps really apply to any modality you might use to communicate with your audience. Remember, the more authentically energetic and sincere you are in your videos, audios, newsletters and more, the greater your results!

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2 thoughts on “3 Steps to High Energy Videos and Greater Results

  1. I think the biggest thing I had to learn (still am) is to ‘breathe’ … it may sound like an obvious thing, but for some reason whether it be nerves or just excitement wanting to share my information, you really can lose your breath and it does come across on your video.

    Some great tips you are sharing here Pamela. Video is so important to business now and you providing free tips is awesome!

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