How to Create an Awesome Ezine (or Give Yours a Facelift!)

Would you like to put out an ezine or newsletter for your followers? Or maybe you’d like to update your existing one? Ezines and newsletters are a great way for you to communicate with your audience on a regular, consistent basis and, I must admit, that my own ezine is my hands-down favorite way to keep touch with you!

What’s the difference between an ezine and a newsletter? Well, this could be debated all day, but generally speaking ezines are longer email publications with multiple articles or “elements”, while newsletters are shorter and more singular in their focus, such as a periodic letter/note that keeps people updated. Both are sent out to followers electronically, on a regular basis.

If you’re ready to start your own ezine or newsletter, or give yours a facelift, here are 3 important tips:

  1. Include valuable content. Valuable content is a must, but it must also match your audience and what they feel is valuable. Once you’ve established your “area” of valuable content, it’s a good idea to brainstorm a long list of short topics that lend themselves to being shared in your ezine. In my case, I share video tips that help my follower expand their impact in the marketplace, and inspire their own followers.
  2. Brand it.I mean, this is the fun part, right? Pick your colors, create a nice logo and design a “look” for your ezine that you can live with for a while – and that will make an impression. People will come to associate you with the visual appearance of your message, and the more memorable the better.
  3. Structure your message. This means creating a consistent layout for the content of your ezine. Where will things be placed? Perhaps a note at the beginning and your featured programs below? Maybe an article or tips or a story? The layout of your ezine helps to frame your message and make it easy for your audience to take in the content. In other words, messy ezines create confusion – and we don’t want that!

A well-structured, value based, good-looking ezine will build trust and rapport between you and your audience, can become your go-to modality for staying in touch and is an ideal platform for sharing your expertise with the world!

Would you like more of these video tips sent directly to your email box each week? Click on the yellow button!


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