Don’t Just Grow Your List, Cultivate It!

We’re hearing a lot today about the importance of growing your list, and we’re hearing a lot about how to grow your list through social media, videos, opt-in pages, etc. But is anyone talking about how to cultivate your list? I meet so many people who are concentrating all their time on building their list, but they’re doing very little with their list!

Cultivating your list means that you develop both a strategy and a routine for keeping in touch with the people on your list, sharing valuable content with them and inviting them to become – and remain – your clients! Plus, the really good news is that technology today is so easy to use that you can cultivate your list via a plethora of avenues – or modalities – even while you’re on the go. How cool is that? You can film a video from your iPhone or iPad from virtually any location or write a blog post or Facebook comment while waiting in the airport lounge (or while flying at 30,000 feet, in some cases).

Of course, you’ll want to promote or campaign products or programs to your list from time to time, but be sure that you’re sharing valuable content – your expert information – on a regular, consistent basis. That’s a huge factor in cultivating your list. Your strategy should combine the sharing of lots of helpful content and a little bit of product promoting  – not the other way around!

So here’s a challenge for you. Take a few moments, and complete the following statement:

I cultivate my list by __________________________________________________________.

When you can complete that statement with a specific modality (or modalities) that you use on a consistent, strategic basis to build relationships, share expert content and invite people on your list to become – or remain – your clients, you’re definitely a “list cultivator”!

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