3 Areas in Your Business That Might Need More BEAUTY

Don’t forget about aesthetic value! Making things beautiful (inside and out) in your brand and your offers is getting more and more important all the time. Here’s the truth. People are attracted to beautiful things – and not only superficial beauty. What’s happening beneath the surface in your business is as important – or more important – than the visible pieces.

So here’s the challenge. Take a deep breath (really) and keep an open mind about your brand and your offers as you read this article and watch the video. I’m sharing here 3 areas for you to ponder, in terms of how you might add beauty to enhance the experience that clients – and potential clients – have with you. Why? Because enhanced experiences help you resonate more deeply with your audience and attract more ideal clients.

  1. Area Number One – Think Beautiful in Branding: Want to easily shift from good to extraordinary? Make your products, programs, marketing materials and websites look better. Most of what’s out there is drab, boring and (in some cases) downright ugly. So when you come along with beautiful – on your website, your marketing materials and your products – people take notice. Plus, beautiful things make people feel better, right? A clean, pretty website, a well-designed cover on your materials and/or a newsletter with photos and lots of color is refreshing and a memorable departure from the norm. Beauty is absolutely one of the best ways to hold your clients’ attention today – and to keep them interested.
  2. Area Number Two – Think Beautiful in Your Messages: An often overlooked avenue for adding more beauty – particularly in your marketing – has to do with words. Words carry an enormous amount of weight in the minds of recipients, and you hold the power to make someone’s day (or break it!) in the way that you craft your message. Too many people today write email messages without thinking about the impact of their words! Think “beauty” when you write your messages, and your words will lift and inspire your audience in greater ways.
  3. Area Number Three – Think Beauty in Your Events: Live events are an ideal area to add beauty to your business! When you host seminars, workshops – or even simple networking meetings – beautiful elements will make people feel more positive about your talk and your content. Believe me! I’ve hosted plenty of events in crummy, drab, settings and the negative effect on the audience can be profound. Simple things like candles, flowers or cards can be great ways to add beauty to an event. Another high-impact way is to host your workshop in a beautiful setting. For example, I host a retreat for women entrepreneurs in Tuscany – now, that’s a beautiful setting! But even a workshop in a hotel banquet room can be made more beautiful with a few, strategic beauty-touches.

The Challenge: Take a fresh look at your branding, messages and live events, and brainstorm ways that you might make things more beautiful – inside and out – so that you inspire and lift your clients and potential clients in big, positive ways. After all, that’s what it’s all about, right?

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8 thoughts on “3 Areas in Your Business That Might Need More BEAUTY

  1. I agree…an often-overlooked area for sure. In my field (appreciative inquiry), we have a saying that “words create worlds.” This goes nicely with your message and is an easy-to-remember catch phrase about the importance of language.

    Thanks for a great video blog!
    Kimberley Seitz
    Kaleidoscope Coaching & Consulting, LLC

  2. Loved this teaching Pamela and I agree in going the extra mile and making things look and feel good. Too many people today give away crap with no thought what so ever. We need encouragement now more than ever in our world and I feel it is our job to encourage and uplift one another. I was also wondering sense I already get your newsletter and video blog do I have to sign up again to get your new e-book Aim to inspire?

    Blessings Michele Broad NP-C
    Well women network

    • Michele,
      Thank you so much for your kind comments, and you’re right. The world needs our sincerity and our best efforts more than ever. You don’t need to sign up Aim to Inspire, just wait until next week’s ezine. I’ll be featuring it then and you’ll be able to download it from there. Best to you!

  3. This idea of beauty is stirring my creative juices. What I lecture about I’ve never really put into words on my website other than course descriptions. I realize that some of the research I quote or catch phrases I use are actually the “hard copy” that folks like and remember. Thanks for lighting the fuse… as I plan to become “more beautiful” . Fondly, Tere Bowen-Irish All the Possibilities Inc.

  4. Pamela –
    I truly appreciate your philosophy about adding beauty to your brand. As the Founder of a Professional Women’s Business Network, I encourage the many women of our organization to present their brand with an outstanding, creative image. Women are true advocates of beauty and we have the power to present a beautiful image of ourselves and our businesses through our websites, blogs, print or electronic advertising, and especially in our personal presentations. Thank you for sharing this powerful message.

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