Shut Off Your Engine and Set Your Sails!

One of the greatest challenges of being an entrepreneur is taking time to reflect and adjust while working on your business. Often times we’re so busy learning, researching, marketing, blogging, selling, promoting, etc., etc., etc., that we completely ignore one of the most valuable strategies of all. The strategy of “shutting off the engine and setting the sails”.

When my husband and I used to sail, I always looked forward to shutting off the engine. Here’s what I mean. We would use the engine to motor the sailboat out onto the ocean, and when we found the right spot we would shut off the engine and raise the sails.

It was my favorite thing to do.

First came the silence – with no more engine clamoring away – and next we’d watch the sails begin to fill with wind.  There would be a few moments of nothing, as if the boat was deciding what to do, and then she’d begin to move. At that point, we’d grab the wheel to adjust the rudder, and we’d then keep the boat on a steady course to wherever we were going that day. Beautiful.

I love the engine and sail analogy when it comes to entrepreneurship.

You might be working so hard in your business that you fail to see you’re not moving forward! Or maybe you’re moving in a direction that’s not right for you – it’s not an authentic fit – because you haven’t stopped to shut off the engine and let your sails fill with wind.

Try stepping back from things – get truly unplugged. You know what I mean. Away from the phone, email, Facebook, etc. and just let yourself drift for a bit. See where the wind wants to take you. Your inner navigation system knows what’s right, but overriding it with a noisy, clamoring engine will never do.

Maybe you’ll adjust the course of your business enveavors a little – or maybe a lot – but here’s what I know for sure. When you’re on the right course – when you’re on your course – steering becomes almost effortless.


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