When to Hold Back on Your Content

If you have every held a talk or hosted a workshop, seminar or retreat you know that one of the worst things to have happen is to run out of content when you still have time to fill! Ugh! What a terrible feeling, and most of us have had that happen at one time or another. So we quickly learn to over plan so that we have plenty of content ready the next time.

Here’s where presenters often make one of two mistakes.

Mistake #1

They put their participants into overwhelm because they’re now determined to cover all that extra content. Sometimes they continue to talk past the workshop’s scheduled ending time, because they don’t want to leave anything out. (Even though attendees’ eyes are glazed over with fatigue!) Or they might talk really fast to try get it all in, in which case people can’t keep up.

Overwhelm creates a block to learning. So trying to squish in content is actually a detriment to the quality of your event.

Mistake #2

Presenters sometimes tell participants that they didn’t have time to cover all the content. Yikes! That creates a sense of being cheated in the minds of attendees. What was she going to cover? Was it the best part? Why didn’t she plan better?

Never tell people what you’re not going to tell them! That’s also detrimental to the quaility of your event.

So what should you do? Create a part two!

Since trying to cover everything creates a sense of uneeded urgency in your mind, and overwhelm or disappointment in the minds of your participants, instead use your extra content as a foundation for your next workshop, seminar or retreat. Trust in the fact that you don’t have to cover everything at once. Your event will be higher quality as a result and participants will be eager to sign up for part two!


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