3 Areas to “Tighten Up” in Your Business

You’ve probably noticed, that many business coaches and marketing gurus suggest performing a January, start-of-the-year business analysis to get clear on where you are now in your business, and how you might grow and improve in the upcoming year. Since January tends to be a really busy time for me with projects and programs in full swing, I prefer June for my in-depth, business reflection time.

A big part of business reflection is financial, of course: What was your profit over the past year? Should you raise your prices? What is your financial goal? Financial analysis is important, but that’s just a part of the picture.

Specifically, where might you tighten things up this year?

There are 3 areas that I reflect on in terms of “tightening up”. Tightening up simply means strategically making things better and more efficient so that my business runs more smoothly and is in alignment with where I want to be.

1. Your Market. Tighten up your market by being very specific about your ideal client. Do you market to both men and women? Just women? What age? What interests? The clearer you become about your ideal client, the more ideal clients you’ll attract. Tightening your ideal client profile should be an ongoing process – something that you do on an annual or bi-annual basis as you expand your business.

2. Your Message. As an entrepreneur with a specific area of expertise, how you describe what you do and package what you do should be also be tightened on a recurring basis. Are your products and programs in alignment with what you do best? Are clients and potential clients clear about what you offer? Take some time to reflect on and tighten your products, programs and campaigns so that your business vision is stronger and clearer all the time.

3. Your Marketing. How do you promote your work to your ideal market? Newsletters? Video campaigns? Live events? Tightening your marketing campaigns on an annual or bi-annual basis is crucial to the expansion of your business. Technology and trends  change rapidly so it’s important that you consistently tighten your marketing strategies to keep up with the times, weed out what’s not working and improve on what is.

Although there are dozens of other areas that you might include on your annual “tighten things up” list, your market, your message and your marketing are essential to expanding your expert empire, and keeping your passion and purpose in focus as you grow your business.

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