Arrogant Confidence or Grateful Confidence?

If you are an expert entrepreneur, you most certainly share how-to information with your audience, and not matter what your area of expertise is – financial, health and wellness, business or life coaching – or if you are an artist, musician or teacher, this simple (but huge) tip about confidence applies to you.

You’ve certainly heard that being seen as confident is important to stand out as a leader in your niche, to grow your client base and to attract more followers. But there are two kinds of confidence. There is confidence based on arrogance and confidence based on gratitude, and you have probably been in the proximity of both.

Confidence based on arrogance is obvious. Chances are you’ve experienced this at a conference or seminar where a speaker was operating from a place of arrogant confidence. You could probably sense an energy about that person that made you want to bolt out of the room. It was obvious that he or she was focused inward. I hope they notice how good I look and how smart I am. Ugh.

Confidence based on gratitude, on the other hand is quite the opposite. You have likely been around someone who made you feel that their focus was completely on you, that they had your best interests in mind. This is someone who calmly knows that they have knowledge or experience that can serve others and they feel grateful than they can be of service. Confidence based on gratitude is focused outwards. How can I best serve this audience? I’m so grateful that I can help.

So the tip is this. When creating marketing campaigns, products or programs – or when speaking in front of a live audience – ask this question of yourself. Am I making this about me or about them?

That’s it. Simple, but powerful.

Asking that question should be the practice of expert entrepreneurs, because it helps to steer your confidence towards gratitude, rather than arrogance. Because here’s the thing. Arrogant confidence repels, while grateful confidence attracts.

Yep. Simple, but huge, right?


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Are You Collaborating in Excess?

To collaborate or not collaborate. That is the question. At least it is in this article.

Today, we expert entrepreneurs, are constantly encouraged to form collaborations, such as joint venture business partnerships with other experts in order to grow our list, expand our reach, form more relationships, etc.

I’m all for it! But not at the expense of flying solo.

There is no substitute for stepping out alone to create products, programs and/or events that are specifically branded to you. When you create a signature event, for example, people begin to associate that event with you. Put simply, you stand out as a leader and people remember your name.

The truth is that many entrepreneurs avoid creating their own signature programs and events because flying solo involves risk, and it’s the fear of risk that holds people back. I know first hand that stepping out into the spotlight means taking full responsibility for both the success or failure of a venture. But it’s the only way to be seen and respected as a leading expert in your niche market.

So the take-away from this article – and video – is a question that only you can answer. Are you collaborating in excess? If the answer is yes, begin to think about a product, program or event that you might brand as exclusively yours. Perhaps you’ll hold a workshop or a seminar – or even a retreat in Italy!

Collaborations are wonderful. But nothing can replace the benefit to your business, the sense of accomplishment and unlimited rewards of stepping out into the spotlight alone.


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