How to Get Massive, Impressive RESULTS in 2012 (not through resolutions!)

Making resolutions is fine. (Although, 80% of people – or more – never follow through.) Creating RESULTS is what it’s all about. Don’t you agree? And not just any results. I bet you’re looking for MASSIVE, IMPRESSIVE RESULTS. Am I right?

So here’s the plan I’ll be implementing in 2012 to bring on those massive, impressive results, and I hope that you’ll join me.

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  2. Set at deadline for something you’ll CREATE in 2012 – a book you’ll write, an online program you’ll create, an event you’ll hold, etc. Use the goal setting pages in your calendar to reach your deadline(s).
  3. a.) List the CAMPAIGNS that you’ll be implementing each week to promote you and your expertise. This means free content that you will share through blogs, ezine, newsletters, videos, podcasts, etc. b.) List the CAMPAIGNS that you’ll be implementing to promote your products and programs. These campaigns will be run periodically throughout the year.

Here’s to your unlimited possibilities in 2012!

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Pamela Haack helps women experts to elevate their impact in the marketplace by positioning themselves as leaders, teaching their audiences valuable content and consistently using online campaigns. Pamela is a speaker, seminar leader, author and an expert in online video marketing.

Ready to Quit Marketing?

Master It or Edit It

Have you ever gotten so frustrated and overwhelmed about marketing that you just wanted to throw your computer out the window? I know I’ve been there! Marketing can be an extreme challenge for expert entrepreneurs – those of us who are coaches, consultants, speakers, trainers and/or authors.

So why are you feeling all that frustration and overwhelm? Often times because a.) you have not yet mastered a skill or b.) you’re doing something that is counterproductive.

Have you ever watched a toddler trying to force a square shaped block into a round hole? He gets frustrated and even angry, right? That’s because he has not yet mastered the skill needed to put the square peg in the square hole. Well, it’s the same with we grown-up types who are trying to implement marketing strategies. Frustration (and stress and anger) can well up inside you when you have not yet mastered a skill that you’re trying to implement.

Although frustration over not having mastered a skill can lead to a lot of stress, that feeling can also kick in when you’re doing too many unnecessary things. Just as clutter in your closet is unhealthy, so is clutter in your marketing plan.


1. Take a good look at your online marketing plan – your posts, tweets, comments, campaigns, websites, blogs, email messaging – the whole works! Which pieces of your marketing plan are causing you the most stress?

2. Remedy the problem. Ask yourself these questions: Is this making me frustrated/overwhelmed because I need to master a skill? Is this making me frustrated/overwhelmed because it’s unnecessary (and counterproductive) and should be edited out?

If you need to get better at something – master a skill – then put that on your to-do list and start diving in. If it’s something that should be edited out, then don’t waste any more time. Get rid of that ugly time-stealer and move along with the productive marketing skills and strategies that will lead you to your most successful year ever!

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Your BEST List Building Approach

Imagine that you walk into a clothing store and the sales clerk immediately gets pushy. “What are you looking for?” Did you see our sales rack? Here are some styles that would look great on you.” Ugh. So annoying.

Now imagine, instead, that you walk into a clothing store and are greeted by a different sales clerk, with an entirely different approach. “Hi, my name is Sally. If there’s something you need, just let me know. I’m happy to help.” Ah … now that would be much better.

Nobody likes being pushed into something – including your potential customers.

We hear a lot about list-building these days, but trying to push people onto your list is a sure-fire way of scaring them off. The real key to building your list of fans, followers and happy customers is to use the invitational approach. The invitational approach means that you invite people to know more about your work through free content that you’ve created, such as a free ezine, report or even a video training series. It’s an approach that allows your potential clients to choose to learn more about you and your work – and it’s very powerful!

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You Are More Valuable Than Others – Know Why?

Young children are so unapologetically authentic! If only we could hold onto that sense of ourselves into adulthood. Instead we too often try to portray what we think others want us to be.  And, for those of us who are coaches, speakers, trainers and experts, we sometimes try to emulate the personalities and styles of those people who are most successful in our industry – all at the expense of our own uniqueness.

Not only that, your uniqueness is what makes you valuable to your customer. You might think that your customers or clients value your information – your expertise. But that’s only part of the equation. The truth is that your unique perspective on your area of expertise is what makes you distinct – and that’s your real value.

This video is all about that – defining your distinction – and why YOU are actually the most valuable marketing tool of all! Be sure to take action and follow the simple but powerful exercise in the video!

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